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Quality policy

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Quality policy
Greenyard works hand in hand with the largest retail clients in different countries and with the authorities that regulate the industry. This is why for us quality is part of the foundations in this industry. We work hand in hand with our strategic allies, so that your products meet all the quality criteria from the planning of planting and / or flowering. Through constant communication with the different teams and in the field, which allows us to update the producer regarding the different regulations, specifications and preferences of each market.
Implementing and following the quality criteria of the industry and our clients is not enough. This is why at Greenyard Fresh Colombia we have a team focused on finding local solutions to local problems that contribute to improving the quality of the products that are exported.

Because Greenyard Fresh Colombia is committed to its strategic allies in the supply of products and not only is it enough to build a commercial relationship, but we must go further and work together as a team.

As a producer, you can count on the full support of Greenyard Fresh Colombia and an expert team in the implementation and development from close to different quality, social and environmental certifications.

Because within the very essence of Greenyard is excellence in quality and care in each of the stages of production and supply chain.
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